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Richmond Machinery & Equipment Company hosts a large, ever-changing inventory of quality, used equipment. Richmond Machinery & Equipment Company offers a large inventory of rental equipment including but not limited to what you see below. Be among the first to know when used/new equipment hits the yard by clicking "Subscribe" above. Don't see what you need? Call 804-359-4048 or click "Contact" above to request information. We are happy to research your need and report back to you quickly.

DD-35B Volvo Roller

Make/Type Volvo
Model DD-35B
Year 2019
Hours 540
Serial No. 273387
Price $44,450.00
Monthly Rental $1,800.00

NV-55 Rosco Broom

Make/Type Rosco
Model NV-55
Year 2022
Hours 48
Serial No. 335046
Price $63,650.00
Monthly Rental $1,800.00

SPD-6 Midland Widener

Make/Type Midland
Model SPD-6
Year 2022
Hours 203
Serial No. 2044
Price $148,000.00
Monthly Rental $6,500.00

60P Crafco Super Shot Melter

Make/Type Crafco
Model 60P Super Shot
Year 2020
Hours 398
Serial No. 1418345
Price $34,450.00

5000 LeeBoy Path Paver

Make/Type Leeboy
Model 5000
Year 2015
Hours 303
Serial No. 109741
Price $77,000.00
Monthly Rental $7,200.00

Legacy3-20s Loadmaster Rear Loader

Make/Type Loadmaster
Model Legacy 3-20s
Year 2017
Serial No. LM17-3007
Price $79,850.00
Monthly Rental $5,000.00

5300 LeeBoy Path Paver

Make/Type Leeboy
Model 5300
Year 2022
Hours 125
Serial No. 331423
Price $163,500.00
Monthly Rental $7,200.00

DD-16 Volvo Roller

Make/Type Volvo
Model DD-16
Year 2009
Hours 1299
Serial No. 199806
Price $12,500.00

CP-18 Roadhog Planer

Make/Type RoadHog
Model CP-18
Year 2016
Serial No. 1606027
Price $13,850.00

LV-600 Green Climber Slope Mower

Make/Type Green Climber
Model LV-600
Year 2019
Hours 173
Serial No. 0110
Price $49,750.00
Monthly Rental $4,000.00

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