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Richmond Machinery & Equipment Company hosts a large, ever-changing inventory of quality, used equipment. Richmond Machinery & Equipment Company offers a large inventory of rental equipment including but not limited to what you see below. Be among the first to know when used/new equipment hits the yard by clicking "Subscribe" above. Don't see what you need? Call 804-359-4048 or click "Contact" above to request information. We are happy to research your need and report back to you quickly.

PF-2181 Volvo Paver

Make/Type Volvo
Model PF-2181
Year 2010
Hours 7438
Serial No. 375013
Price $

PF-6110 Volvo Paver

Model PF-6110
Year 2008
Serial No. 198511
Price $

PF-4410B Volvo Paver

Make/Type Volvo
Model PF-4410B
Year 2018
Hours 1330
Serial No. 378525
Price $
Monthly Rental $7,000.00

PF-150C Blaw Knox Paver

Make/Type Blaw Knox
Model PF-150C
Year 2015
Serial No. 115348
Price $82,750.00
Monthly Rental $4,500.00

DPS-750T Marathon Sealer

Make/Type Marathon
Model DPS-750T
Year 2015
Serial No. H102123
Price $14,650.00

Sweep Pro2 Rosco Broom

Make/Type Rosco
Model Sweep Pro
Year 2019
Hours 927
Serial No. 212394
Price $46,500.00
Monthly Rental $1,600.00

” Salt & Pepper ” Tarco Spreader

Make/Type Tarco
Model Salt & Pepper
Year 2014
Hours 0
Serial No. J-11547
Price $4,950.00

DD-30B Volvo Roller

Make/Type Volvo
Model DD-30B
Year 2017
Hours 198
Serial No. 272216
Price $33,450.00
Monthly Rental $1,500.00

Sweep Pro Rosco Broom

Make/Type Rosco
Model Sweep Pro
Year 2007
Serial No. 4830-46766
Price $17,500.00

Challenger 7 Rosco Broom

Make/Type Rosco
Model Challenger 7
Year 2018
Hours 1379
Serial No. 192104
Price $49,500.00
Monthly Rental $1,800.00

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